December 2, 2023

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Child sexual abuse in an Athens orphanage

Employees of an orphanage in the center of Athens forced boys between the ages of 7 and 11 to have sex with each other, which they watched and possibly filmed with smartphones.

Deputy Labor Minister Domna Mihailidou spoke about the shocking bullying of boys in the orphanage. “Sexual acts were performed between boys between the ages of 7 and 11 and were watched by the shelter staff,” she told the media, adding that the workers who forced the children were women.

She said she received a written complaint from three people associated with the shelter about unprecedented incidents at the shelter. She added that she immediately launched an investigation into this matter, froze state funding for the institution and filed a lawsuit with the prosecutor’s office.

The experts examined the children, and four of them were taken to the children’s hospital in Athens, so that “in a neutral environment, we can understand what happened,” said Mikhaylidu on the air of Ant1 TV channel Thursday morning. She added that these children were taken from their families by court order.

The Deputy Labor Minister also said that another investigation into the institution is ongoing in connection with a previous statement that there were more children at the orphanage than expected. The explanations of the head of the institution were not enough.

She also said that against the same private institution there was a criminal case has been opened about the “trade in babies”. According to state broadcaster ERT, the shelter is located in the center of Athens.

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PS The materials of the case made me gag reflex and a desire to send the caregivers and the management of the shelter to the electric chair, if it was possible in Greece. We will not publish their translation, limiting ourselves to scans from the criminal case above. It is noteworthy that all this became public knowledge from the interim employee, and could remain unknown.

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