Big press conference of the President of Russia. Major statements about peace, war and Ukraine

Yesterday, December 23, a big press conference was held by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This year it was held against the backdrop of tensions between the Russian Federation and the United States, expectations of talks between Moscow and Washington on security, and the instability of gas prices in Europe. In addition, the foreign media, over the past month and a half, have in every way exaggerated the topic of the impending attack by the Russian army on Ukraine. This was the main question of the head of state and his answers. The press conference lasted 4 hours, and 40 people asked their questions.

Question: “Does Russia recognize the Taliban government?”

Answer: “We must proceed from the realities. Those forces that have ended up at the head of Afghanistan will tune in to the fact that all ethnic groups will be represented in the country’s leadership. Only this, I think, can give rise to hope. And now, first of all, we need to provide support. the Afghan people. Those who have been there for 20 years, they should restore and help. As for recognition, we have our own position, I set it out, we are working with different parties to ensure that the solution is consolidated. “

The Crimean journalist noted that the infrastructure is successfully developing on the peninsula, but complained about problems with mobile communications.

Answer: “This is due to the sanctions that our Western partners are imposing against Crimea and Crimeans. I have already said that if they are considered victims of aggression, why else should they punish the residents … The West does not care. But we will react and act. Likewise how we will resolve the issue of water supply. From the highway “Tavrida” there will be ramps to the coast. We will also deal with non-coastal regions. We will introduce a renovation program there – we will resettle people from dilapidated housing. We will also find a way through mobile communications. I will not run ahead and say how we will do it so as not to interfere with this process. I know that there are also problems with incomes in Crimea. We will solve them. I am sure that Crimeans will feel this today and tomorrow. “

On the new ethics, including the fact that a person can characterize himself as a representative of the opposite sex.

Answer: “If anyone thinks that a woman and a man are one and the same … But there is common sense. In the States or another country – I can be wrong, do not judge me harshly,” the inmate declared himself a woman. He was transferred to another prison and he immediately raped his cellmate. And the athletes declare themselves a different sex … I believe that our values ​​should be dictated by traditional confessions.

Question: How does Putin feel about the complaint filed by a lawyer from St. Petersburg against Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug – for the fact that he did not fulfill his wishes for 23 years.

Answer: “As a lawyer from St. Petersburg, I can become a lawyer for Santa Claus. Let me remind you that he fulfills the wishes of good boys and girls. This will be the main line of defense.”

A question from Ekho Moskvy: “Do the positions of Russia and the United States coincide on the fate of Donbass. The Ukrainians are probably looking now and spitting about whether there will be a war. They already have a war. And they blame you and me for this. And how orders can be given to the Russians to shoot at the Ukrainians. “

Answer: “The future of Donbass must be determined by the people who live there. And we must be mediators. We are not a party to the conflict, we did not agree to this. About the fact that someone is watching and spitting at the screen. There are always such people. including about what is happening in Ukraine. Pensioners they spit. Ask the current Ukrainian leadership how they are given orders to shoot in Donbass. There is a talk about the fact that the order to return fire can only give the generals. But the Kiev authorities canceled this the decision, again gave decision-making to the level of field commanders. How to build the future? The Minsk agreements say that it is necessary to amend the Constitution, hold elections, declare an amnesty. Changes must also be agreed with the representatives of the “DPR” and “LPR”. Agree! I remember I took part in the development of this document. Now they are called terrorists and do not want to work with them. President Zelensky, having come to power, fell under the influence of radical elements. They speak in Ukraine, Natsiks. How can we build good-neighborly relations with them? Almost impossible. We must work with forces that want peace. But extrajudicial executions take place over them. They got killed [Олеся Бузину] on the street – they don’t look for a criminal at all. People were burned in Odessa – they are not looking for criminals. About negotiations with Biden. He suggested, we responded constructively and quickly. We sent to the US and NATO. We are ready to discuss this at the OSCE platform as well. This announced start of work in early January will hopefully allow us to move in this direction. “

A question from Ksenia Sobchak about the publication on the Internet of torture in Russian prisons and the situation with ill-treatment in general in relation to those under investigation.

Answer: “As for torture and cruel treatment in general – unfortunately, this is not only a problem for Russia. There are no less problems in other countries. Probably, there are countries and institutions where they look kindly. But in France, in the States, I think there is something like that. , which, it seems, is no longer in the third world countries. New Crosses were built in the Leningrad region. Even the external conditions of detention matter. I use information from different sources. And not that something was brought to me, and I happily signed. Can there be mistakes [в назначении генерала ФСИН по Иркутску]? Maybe. When assessing, you need to rely on the data of the investigation. 17 criminal cases were initiated. We’ll take a look and figure it out. Believe me, there is not a single interested investigator there. “

When asked about Lukashenka and Belarus, the Russian president replied that citizens will appreciate the benefits of creating a union state in the future. Although now “integration is much lower than that of the countries within the European Union.” And he added about the possibility of introducing a single currency:

“This is a question, perhaps for the future, if our respective services come to this.”

A question from Channel One about gas: “Is there even a particle of truth in the accusations against Gazprom?”

Answer: “There is not a particle of truth. Everything is lying. They cast a shadow over the wattle fence. Gazprom has increased supplies by 12 or 20% to the far abroad, to Europe too … There are many factors on the rise in prices, including the cold weather. Plus the windmills didn’t work, there wasn’t enough gas pumped into the subways, and now they are taking it out too. [Европой] not enough money was invested in the development. We said that we need long-term contracts. Europe – that you need to move to a market economy. Well, please take it. Now we have turned on the reverse mode. Pumped from Germany to Poland. I think everyone should be interested in this. Because in Germany we deliver by long-term contact, at prices much cheaper than on the spot. I have every reason to believe that this gas ultimately goes to Ukraine. The FRG, I think, should know this. And ask for clarification. Not to someone there [в Украине] support your pants, and swing to Europe. Let them take care of their questions and do not think that the god fell asleep on them. Let them solve their problems. “

Question from Sky News: “Can you unconditionally guarantee that Russia will not attack Ukraine?”

Answer: “Our actions will depend not on the course of negotiations, but on our security. But NATO’s movement to the east is unacceptable. They came here, placed missiles at our house. How would the Americans react if we were on the border between Canada and the United States or Mexico and Did the United States put drum kits? They also had territorial issues before. We are now trying not to remember this, as well as the one who created Ukraine. And Vladimir Ilyich Lenin created it. “Not a single inch to the east,” we were told at 90 “For years. And what now? We are there. There were five waves of NATO expansion to the east! And now they say: Ukraine will be in NATO, there will be strike weapons systems. It is you who must give me security guarantees, not I to you. “.

The second part of the question from Sky News was that the West does not understand about Russia.

Answer: “I just told you the obvious. How can you not understand this? In the opinion of our partners, Russia is too big now. Even after the collapse of the Union, Russia is too big. In the 90s, the USSR did everything to build normal relations with the West. Americans were sitting at our nuclear cycle facilities. CIA officers were sitting in the Russian government. Was that enough for you? There is an attempt to break up Russia. We were told that there was no guarantee of NATO expansion on a piece of paper, so we spat on your concerns. “

A question from Xinhua News Agency about relations with Xi Jinping.

Answer: “Our strategic partnership is unprecedented, which has never happened before. And, of course, this is a powerful global stabilizing factor.”

A question from NTV: “All of Europe is making noise about Russia attacking Ukraine. We sent the West our red lines, our proposals for the rules of the game. What should we prepare for, what is a realistic forecast? you her? “.

Answer: “The aggravation began in 2014. Until then, we have resigned ourselves to everything. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, some of our citizens remained outside the country, especially Ukrainians. We worked with all the authorities of Ukraine: with Yushchenko , with Tymoshenko. We argued with them over gas, we worked. No action on Crimea occurred to us. But there was a bloody coup. People were killed and burned … Twice the Ukrainian authorities made attempts to resolve the issue by force in Donbass. I personally persuaded Poroshenko He said: “Yes, yes,” and began. Now they adopted a law on indigenous peoples. They recognized the Russians as a non-indigenous people. Then about the language – well, they simply squeeze out Russians and the Russian-speaking population. Then they introduced a law on a transitional period. Where is it in it. The Minsk agreements? There, instead of amnesty, there is lustration. Instead of elections, there are military administrations. Maybe they give us a hint that they say World War III. They hint to us: do not interfere, do not protect these people. First option. Or, the pumping of the population continues, in order to then push the radicals to a military solution in the Donbass and Crimea. But we must think about the prospects for our security. Should we always live with an eye on what will happen there and when they will fuck up? That is why I responded to the proposal of President Biden, who initiated the appointment of security officers. And we set a condition: NATO should not be there. The ball is on their side, now they have to answer something. “

The question about Navalny, about the fact that his organizations are recognized as extremist, and some media outlets – as foreign agents. An BBC correspondent asked if the Russian president was thus laying the groundwork for the revolution.

Answer: “Russia cannot be defeated. It can only be destroyed from within. This was successfully done following the results of the First World War and in the early 1990s. You said about the man who was allegedly poisoned. We asked at least some materials from Europe. We have nothing Not provided. How to explain this? Let’s turn this page. Inmates in Russia are and always will be. “

A selection of the most interesting statements by Vladimir Vladimirovich at the press conference can be found here

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