Top 40 most popular phrases of Putin at today’s press conference

Do the Russians want wars, until when will NATO soldiers move towards the border of the Russian Federation and rewrite the country’s sacred history?

What are the main topics raised by the guarantor at today’s press conference? What promise did he make, what he called for – who and what said to him?

We present to you a selection of the most interesting statements by Vladimir Vladimirovich at today’s press conference.

Spoiler alert: Everything is great, but it will be even better. But look how in Europe, the USA, Ukraine, that’s where the problems are.

1. Our economy, faced with the challenges of coronavirus infection, turned out to be more ready for shocks than other economies in the world.

2. Demography is also important from a geopolitical point of view.

3. Growth in real income by the end of the year will amount to 3.5%.

4. There are things that may not bother us – this is life expectancy.

5. The population of 146 million is completely insufficient for the vast territory of Russia.

6. In our country – 59.4% – this is collective immunity in Russia: both those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated. About 70 million received the first vaccine. Around 70-something, two injections were given. But this is not enough! We need somewhere near 80% – I hope we will achieve this.

7. We have inflation twice the target, and the US three!

8. Russians are sympathetic and, in general, positively assess the work of the government to support business.

9. Only a small proportion of my contacts and meetings are shown on TV.

10. I know the dissatisfaction of the real sector from the rate hike, but if we don’t do it, then we can have it like in Turkey. This is the same problem.

11. As soon as you start pushing, people are resourceful, they will always find a way to find a way to get around the pressure.

12. In Soviet times, no one asked: slap-slap-slap – that’s it, let’s go. And those who led this and those who brought it to collapse are today in the forefront of those who are fighting vaccination.

13. They sit three meters away from me and we talk.

14. You spoke about the person who was allegedly poisoned. Let’s turn this page.

15. “Newbie” or whatever.

16. Inmates have always been in any country and will be.

17. Russia cannot be defeated, it can only be destroyed from within.

18. We have 74 organizations recognized as foreign agents. Out of 200 thousand registered NGOs. 0.034%. Just like in the States.

19. No action in relation to Crimea even occurred to us. But in 2014 there was a coup d’état.

20. I personally tried to persuade Poroshenko: just not a military operation.

21. Ukraine was created by Lenin.

22. Remember whose California was? And Texas?

23. USA is on the doorstep of our home!

24. Please shave!


26. You go with your concerns!

27. With regard to torture and unworthy, cruel treatment of prisoners. This is not only a problem for Russia. This is a worldwide problem! And in Europe, and in the States, and in France.

28. There is complete poverty in Ukraine.

29. To whom and for what reason to spit on the screen – there are always such people.

30. But in St. Petersburg, new “Crosses” were built!

31. Zelensky fell under the influence of radical elements, as they say in Ukraine – the Nazis.

32. There is an opinion that they are not the customers, there is an opinion that the customers have remained somewhere outside the brackets, that they are hidden or hid, but the bodies of investigation and inquiry are not yet aware of this. They did everything to expose those responsible for these crimes. Some of them died during the arrest.

33. I can act as a lawyer for Santa Claus.

34. I have always proceeded from the assumption that emergency housing was built during the reign of Tsar Pea.

35. As for the hype, the main thing is that it is not evil.

36. The happiness of fatherhood and motherhood is more important than economic well-being and career.

37. Of course, there is money, but I want to save some money.

38. If someone thinks that a woman and a man are one and the same, then for God’s sake, but there is some common sense!

39. I hope we have enough immune systems to defend against this obscurantism. It is necessary to fight the support of traditional values.

40. Our Western partners wanted to spit on the interests of the Crimeans and democracy.

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