To jail for "twisted" mileage counter

In some European countries, the authorities ruthlessly punish “craftsmen” for falsifying a car’s mileage when selling it, up to and including imprisonment.

More than 1,800 cars with a “winding” odometer were sold through the criminal actions of fraudsters operating in the south of France. After receiving relevant complaints from consumers, the prosecutor’s office began to check. As a result of the investigation, it turned out that the mileage of some vehicles (cars) in reality was 100,000 kilometers more than the counter showed. In accordance with the strict legal framework in force in France, those arrested were imprisoned.

French media report that mileage fraud is growing exponentially with the increase in used car sales. Authorities advise consumers not to buy used cars until a thorough investigation of its “history” is carried out.

Recently, a new online application was launched in France, with the help of which anyone can check the technical inspection data (KTEO) of a car throughout the years of its operation.

As far as Greece is concerned, it is worth mentioning that the increased interest of citizens in used cars due to the crisis raises a similar question. Experts are sounding the alarm and believe that it is now considered necessary to toughen the penalties in Greece for such fraud.

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