Miracles around Christmas: a deer spent 6 hours in the courtyard of a private house in Menidi

A wild deer was in the yard of one of the houses in Menidi at about 6 o’clock. The animal, apparently, descended from the snow-covered mountain of Parnit and, having jumped over the fence of the courtyard, turned out to be on the territory of the house.

An eyewitness, the owner of the house, told ANT1 that he heard a noise at about 02:30 am, and when he got up to see what was happening, he saw a deer, which was “trapped” in the yard.

The man immediately tried to contact any organizations, for example, the forestry service, so that the wild animal could be safely removed from the yard of the house, but no one answered, except for the police – the “immediate response” service.

As the owner of the house explained, his home is located in the center of Menidi, and a simple solution – to open the courtyard door and let the deer out into the street, would probably be dangerous for both the animal and passers-by or cars.

The deer was frightened and showed signs of anxiety, in connection with which the man called for the “help” of law enforcement officers so that they could safely move the wild animal to its natural habitat.

According to a resident of Menidi, he decided to feed the animal by giving up food. But the deer only liked the greenery growing in the yard.

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