China “gave” the world a pandemic and “averted”

In which city is the mass mandatory testing of residents carried out against the background of the detection of … 40 new cases of coronavirus? Have you guessed? That’s right, in Chinese.

On Tuesday, December 21, authorities in the city of Xi’an in northern China announced mandatory tests for all residents after four dozen carriers of covid were identified. The Chinese government is reluctant to take risks, and is introducing urgent measures at the slightest outbreak of COVID-19. Compared to all other states, the number of cases in the PRC is extremely low. However, before the upcoming Olympic Games (February 4-20) and the New Year (February 1), the authorities are confidently keeping the situation under control, not wanting to take risks.

The epidemic has been practically eliminated throughout the country. Timely measures helped in this: long-term quarantines for arrivals to China, massive diagnostic tests, tracking of movements using a mobile phone, targeted blocking, restriction of international traffic. And yet, the coronavirus periodically reminds of itself, manifesting itself in sporadic outbreaks, which can be dealt with within a few weeks.

Recall that the coronavirus appeared two years ago, at the end of 2019, in Wuhan, China, and began its tragic march across the planet. Since last year, China has followed a Covid zero case strategy. It aims to minimize the number of new cases, which can increase by only a few dozen per day. Yesterday, for example, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced 42 new infections in Xi’an, which increased the total number of those registered here from December 9 to 91.

In addition to urgent large-scale testing, the authorities announced, according to APE-MPE, the closure of schools and major entertainment and cultural institutions, urging residents to stay at home and not gather in large groups.

Over the weekend, China’s Ministry of Health announced that 1.19 billion people in the country, or 85% of the population, had received two doses of the vaccine.

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