December 7, 2023

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In the temple of Ag. Georgios in Larissa installed photocells to control the number of parishioners

In the church of St. George in the Greek city of Larissa, photocells were installed in the doors to control the number of parishioners at the service. The abbot of the temple explained this measure by the security measures against coronavirus announced by the authorities.

Controlling the number of believers in the temple with the help of a system of photocells connected to a computer installed in its doors began at the parish of St. George in the city of Larissa, Greece. According to the abbot, this method avoids a large crowd of people and, accordingly, complicates the spread of coronavirus, the rector of the temple, priest Nikifor Kontogiannis, said on Greek television.
The rector also shared other innovations in the life of the parish. So, you can attend the service online from home, or by watching it on a large screen on the outer wall of the temple. Moreover, a believer can use a special application – light a virtual candle and name names for commemoration without leaving home.

The experimental priest also agreed with a local laboratory to conduct free express tests for those wishing to freely attend the service. Thus, the community fulfilled the decree of the Greek authorities on covid certificates or rapid tests for parishioners when visiting temples.

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