West Attica: residents sell their homes – they were robbed by thieves

Many West Atticians who have shops in their homes are in utter despair as thieves prevent them from living. They say the guards are not helping, which the police officers in the area seem to disagree with.

West Attica resident Ms. Katerina spoke on the Mega channel and complained that she was forced to sell her house due to the situation. “I had a two-story house in Ano Lyossia. Thieves ransacked it, destroyed it, leaving nothing behind. Every time I came or called the police department, they didn’t answer me. I called the GADA police headquarters to ask the chief what should I do, but it was useless to wait two hours. No one listened to me. I was completely crushed by the situation, “the Greek woman said.

Ms. Katerina continues, “I have taken out a loan for this house that I have a hard time repaying in 2025. The burglars left nothing. The doors, the iron, everything was taken away. They even took away the electrical panel and power cables. I live in West Attica, but in Egaleo. And here, too, you can hear a lot. I ended up selling the house and paying off the loan to calm down. “

Spilios Cricketos, the secretary general of the West Attica police, also confirmed the existing problem. Commenting on complaints about the lack of patrols where they should be, he replied: “There are no patrols where there is a shortage of personnel. We have addressed this question to the management ”.

Nevertheless, Mr. Cricketos noted: “West Attica is left” to the will of fate. ” God protects her. The work is done by 50%. There may not be a single patrol car in the area at night. ” Mr. Cricketos told the show hosts that they cannot be behind cameras and patrol the area at the same time.

“The old order of good faith patrolling was activated the day before. But if there are no police officers, then who will ride in the patrol cars? ” he asked, adding: “The police are outraged. The officers work day and night, tirelessly. I talk about this publicly. Let the responsible persons, first of all the Prime Minister and the chief, hear this, sort out this vital issue. “

“If there is not enough police, who is to blame? People complain to us all the time, but what can we do ?! What I am saying is not speculation or trade union demands. And all complaints from local residents can be delivered by parcel to the minister, “said Mr. Cricketos.

As our publication previously wrote, just a few days ago, the criminal elements of the Zephyri and Ano Liosia districts posted a shocking video on the Internet, where the leaders have fun and demonstrate service weapons, apparently stolen from the police

Video filmed near a house in the area that police believe belongs to a gang leader. And his goal was to show “his strength” to the members of rival teams based in the area of ​​Ano Liossia.

The thugs behave like the masters of life, without fear of filming themselves and posting it on social networks, as if they despise the law.

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