Germany: nursing home worker had fake vaccination certificate

In Hildesheim, Germany, an employee of a nursing home was identified, whose vaccination certificate was found to be fake. Recently, three people have died in the department where she worked from complications of the coronavirus.

The Lower Saxony prosecutor’s office opened a case against the woman on suspicion of murder. An investigation was carried out, during which it turned out that she not only submitted a fake vaccination certificate, but also continued to go to work, being infected with Covid-19 and knowing about it.

State television channel NDR reports that an employee of a nursing home has pleaded guilty to using a forged certificate found after an internal investigation by the unit’s leadership. A lawsuit has been filed against her.

According to Mikhail Osenkop, director of the nursing home, the employee from the very beginning opposed vaccination and refused to be vaccinated. Therefore, he was surprised when she presented the certificate and decided to verify the authenticity of the document. But even the batch number of the vaccine indicated in it did not exist in reality, and the signatures of the vaccination center workers turned out to be fake.

Over the course of several days, cases of coronavirus were detected in this nursing facility, both among employees and among guests. Three infected people died last week.

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