Social dividend – the second stage of payments to citizens

The first payment of the social dividend for recipients of the minimum guaranteed income (EEE, former KEA) took place on December 15. The second installment is expected to be paid. In total, 1,300,000 people will receive the money.

During December 2021, the social dividend, which this year is a one-time benefit of 250 euros, will also be provided to other categories of citizens, such as low-income pensioners, uninsured elderly people and people with disabilities receiving benefits from OPECA.

As for the benefit for health workers, it will be issued only to the staff of first line hospitals, that is, those who come into contact with patients.

To calculate the amount of the benefit, the same procedure will apply as in April 2020, when they received a “bonus” in the form of half their salary.
Of course, medical workers temporarily suspended from work will not receive money.

Low-income pensioners with an income criterion of up to 7200 euros (net amount) will also receive a dividend.

The task of the competent ministries is to make payments to low-income pensioners and medical workers next week, but the new decision of the Ministry of Health leaves open the possibility of paying a certain amount to the medical staff of hospitals in early January.

In particular, the circular of the Ministry of Finance emphasizes that “if it is impossible to pay the recipients of the above benefit during December 2021, this payment can be made in January 2022”.

Special financial support will be made automatically, without an IBAN declaration, and it will not be taxed or withheld to pay off debts.

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