July 19, 2024

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Found the owner of the cartridges scattered on the road

The owner of an arms and ammunition store was found to be the “culprit” in the incident when police collected approximately 3,500 rounds of rounds of rounds of ammunition scattered along the roadway of Kifissos Avenue.

According to a statement from the Greek police, the owner of the gun shop voluntarily went to the local police station and said that he had lost the ammunition without realizing it. Ammunition boxes fell from the vehicle during transportation.

ΕΛ.ΑΣ Statement:

“In the morning hours of 14-12-2021, after a citizen called the immediate response center, the DI.AS police officers arrived at Kifissou Avenue in Athens and found a large number of cartridges on the right side of the road… The ammunition was collected and confiscated. Today at noon (12/16/2021), the local gun shop owner voluntarily came to the Kolonos police department and stated that in the morning hours of 12/14/2021, when he was driving to his store, without realizing it, he had lost boxes of cartridges. The competent prosecutor was informed of the above incident and the Colonos Police Department opened a case for violation of the Weapons Act. “

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