What receipts will be counted by the tax office in "double size"

Starting the new year, taxpayers who manage to electronically pay businesses and professionals (with the government’s call to tackle tax evasion) will benefit from generous tax breaks.

This is stipulated by the provision of the multilateral bill presented to parliament this morning.

Specifically, as stated in the doc:

Especially for the fiscal year (from 2022 to 2025), the taxable income of individuals changes, providing a discount upon presentation of receipts-checks from certain groups of service providers).

The tax return will take into account receipts from the costs incurred for the services received: 4 (housing), 5 (housekeeping services), 7 (transport), 9 (leisure, cultural events), 10 (education), 12 (other services provided with using electronic transactions).

The amount of withheld income does not exceed five thousand (5000) euros per year or actual income from paid work and pensions, as well as income from commercial activities and from the rental of real estate.

Under the new regulation, the taxpayer will have to pay by card or bank transfer to companies and professionals who find it difficult to issue receipts. For receipts-checks received from this category of service providers, 30% of the declared income will be deducted, but not more than 5,000 euros (tax reduction).

If someone manages to get receipts for 5,000 euros, they will be subject to income tax of 1,500 euros less. It is noted that the companies and specialists of the groups mentioned in the new provision of the law will be specialized later, according to the decision of the head of the tax department AADE.

What evidence (checks and receipts) will be doubled

The presented receipts from visits to doctors will be doubled. As specifically defined in the proposed regulation: “Specifically for fiscal years 2022 to 2025, certain sub-categories of Group 6 (healthcare) expenditures, for which the use of electronic transactions is not widespread, are calculated to double their value to cover the required amount of expenditures.” electronic payments. That is, if you pay for doctor’s visits with a bank card, then the amount of living expenses that you need to show in your tax return will double, and you will quickly collect the required minimum

The costs of purchasing goods and receiving services through electronic payments, bank cards:

Group 1 Diet and non-alcoholic drinks. Group 2 Alcoholic drinks and tobacco. Group 3 Clothes and footwear. Group 4 Accommodation (excluding rent). Group 5 Durable goods, household goods and services. Group 6 Health. Group 7 Transport, excluding the cost of tolls and the purchase of vehicles. Group 8 Communication. Group 9 Recreation, cultural events, except for renting boats, airplanes, etc. Group 10 Education. Group 11 Hotels, cafes, restaurants. Group 12 Other goods and services.

According to the explanatory note, “the proposed provisions are aimed at solving the problem of tax evasion that occurs in the professional sectors of the economy by providing incentives for citizens to conduct transactions using electronic means.”

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