Tsipras Mitsotakisu: “Sorry or resign!” for lying in parliament

The leader of the main opposition Greek party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, has called on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to either apologize or step down.

“In any other country in the European Union, if the Prime Minister was caught lying in parliament on such an important issue that concerns the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people, I would say that he would either publicly apologize or resign.”

Research at the center of major political controversy and controversy Cyodras-Litras, held from September 2020 to May 2021, focusing on the high mortality rate of intubated coronavirus patients outside intensive care units and the healthcare inequality between Attica and the rest of the country.

Tsipras saw the reason for the prime minister’s “apology or resignation” in Mitsotakis’s statement to parliament in early December that he was unaware of any study showing that the number of patients intubated outside the ICU was higher than inside.

“However, this is not happening in Greece. And this is confirmed by the great deficit of democracy that exists in our country today, ”Tsipras stressed.

The posting of excerpts from the study on Twitter by one of the researchers on Tuesday certainly came as a big surprise for the prime minister and government, so much that it took them about 36 hours to react.

Government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou said Thursday afternoon that the prime minister was unaware of the study, and neither were his close associates, although co-investigator Theodor Litras saidthat they informed the political leadership in May.

However, Iconomu did not bother to reveal, or probably did not consider it necessary to do so, who was aware of the study and whether the person resigned or was removed from his post as prime minister. And Tsiodras, for his part, apparently after a call from the prime minister’s administration, began to play up, statingthat he is saddened by the fact that scientific analysis has become the subject of political controversy.

“This publication confirms similar observations of the course of previous epidemics, but also during the current pandemicthat swept the whole world. It focuses on the burden on beds in intensive care units and the associated increased mortality, which is influenced by numerous risk factors (for example, old age, major illnesses, the severity of the disease), which continues today and affects most of our unvaccinated fellow citizens. ” …

PS Remarkably, Mitsotakis’ British counterpart Boris Johnson was also caught lying in parliament, and he did not resign or apologize.

It seems that the days when high-ranking politicians and officials resigned for lying are over. Colling Powell recently died after shaking a test tube at the UN claiming to be anthrax spores. The result of this lie was the war and occupation of Iraq, and then the creation of ISIS, which led to hundreds of thousands of human victims, millions of ruined lives and crowds of refugees.

Moreover, denouncers of lies, even such well-known denunciators of the authorities like Julian Assange, now face the death penalty. Even trying to try the US military for war crimes, a judge at the Hague Court was sanctioned.

As a result, the lies of politicians become commonplace and no longer bear any political consequences for them. And our civilization is gradually sliding towards the period of the Cold War, aggravated by pressure from LGBT + and BLM, covid restrictions, as well as the introduction of mass censorship and suppression of the rights of the population.

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