Recipients of a free or reduced public transport ticket

The decree, published in the Government Gazette, defines the conditions for free or reduced fare tickets for large families and disabled people.

The following persons have the right to receive a free or reduced ticket for trips in public city transport:

people with disabilities (Ατόμων με Αναπηρίες (ΑμεΑ), large families and their family members (the right is granted for 2022) on OASA, OASTH vehicles, as well as city and intercity bus lines KTEL.

Reduced rate for large families and their family members:

1. The right to travel with a partial exemption of 50% of the applicable fare for public transport, which is the responsibility of the Athens Urban Transport Organization of the OAGA (OSY SA and STASY SA), as well as for urban transport in the area of ​​responsibility of the Project of the Thessaloniki Transport Organization (OSETH), large families and their family members, with the provision of electronic travel cards by OASA and with the issuance of a discount ticket or OASTH card travel for the specified category of recipients.

2. The right to travel at a fare with partial exemption of 50% of the current fare for long-distance bus tickets is guaranteed. …

3. The categories of recipients of a partial discount on travel tickets are parents with many children and their family members who have a certificate (κάτοχοι δελτίου πολυτεκνικής ιδιότητας).

For the movement of the above beneficiaries at a discounted rate, the issuance of personalized electronic travel cards is required, which are issued in accordance with the rules of the automatic toll collection system and the established conditions.

Issuance of a travel card for disabled persons
Free transport is provided to those who have a disability rate of 67% or more, or who receive social benefits for disabled people provided by OPECA, provided that their annual total declared personal income does not exceed twenty-three thousand (23,000) euros or the annual total family income is no more than twenty-nine thousand (29,000) euros (the annual total declared family income in the amount of 29,000 euros is increased by 5600 euros for each additional person, in addition to the beneficiary, who lives and depends on the taxpayer, if it is 67% or more) the right to free movement, and if they permanently reside:

a) within the Attica region (excluding the PE islands) – by OASA city vehicles
b) in the regional branch of Thessaloniki – by OASTH city vehicles,
c) in other regional units of the country using urban vehicles of the city KTEL of their prefecture.

The amount of income is confirmed by the income tax return filed in 2021. The amounts paid by the Organization for Welfare and Social Solidarity (OPEC) as social disability benefits are not included in income (income tax).

Visually impaired (blind) persons are excluded from the income criteria and receive travel documents regardless of their income limit.

3. Permanent residents of the Attica region (except for the islands πλην της ΠΕ Νήσων) are granted the right to travel free of charge by issuing personalized electronic travel cards, which are issued in accordance with the rules of the automatic toll collection system and the established conditions.

In case of expiration of the term of the right of movement, it can be extended.

The decision is valid from 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022 in accordance with the current law.

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