Islamism and Christianity will soon become crowded together in France

The European country is predicted to be a serious clash of civilizations – Christian and Islamic. France needs to regain control of immigration.

This was called for by the French government Thierry Mariani, MEP, in an interview with “”. He draws attention to the massive influx of Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East to France, which can cause an imbalance between two civilizations and clashes between them.

The MP notes that there is a huge difference between Christian migrants from European countries, which previously accounted for most of the migrants, and representatives of the Middle East. The politician urges:

“An Italian migrant and a Mali migrant are two very different people. All this could lead to a clash of civilizations inside France, so we need to regain control over immigration. “

In the spring, a group of retired French generals made a similar appeal to the authorities. They published a letter warning that the country is already on the verge of a civil war with “hordes of Islamists.” They drew attention to the outrageous facts: visiting Muslims unceremoniously seize entire regions of France, establishing orders contrary to the constitution. The active military did not stand aside – some of them supported the retirees, noting that “hatred of France and its history is becoming the norm.”

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