Georgios Tragas lost the battle against coronavirus

The famous journalist and publisher Georgios Tragas has passed away.

He was hospitalized with coronavirus in the intensive care unit of Sotiria hospital ten days ago. Doctors tirelessly fought for his life, but in vain. Today at 3 am he passed away at the age of 72.

“Today, 12/14/2021, at 03.10 am, Georgios Tragas, leader of the Free People movement, journalist and owner of the CHANNEL 10 TV channel, died in the Sotiria hospital. Opposed to vaccination, he was admitted with severe respiratory failure due to covid19 infection on 12/04/2021 at the SOTIRIA clinic, and a few hours later, due to a serious condition, he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the same hospital, ”the hospital’s management said in a statement. …

In his Twitter message, the representative of G. Tragas’ party, Paris Kurtzidis, says goodbye to him, saying that he has no words of grief. “A true friend is gone, not only” a free man is gone, “he writes.” God rest you. Sincere condolences to family and friends. “

Why was not vaccinated
Earlier speaking, Paris Kurtzidis noted that Georgios Tragas was not opposed to the vaccine, but that “he expressed his position in favor of universal vaccination.”

Explaining why G. Tragas was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, he said that “he had an allergy, which gave the possibility of side effects, and since he was diabetic and did not want to lower his sugar level, he was afraid. And I thought about it. “

However, reported the following about the position of George Tragas’ party on vaccines:

“The political establishment has created a kind of civil war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated,” the newspaper quotes Tragas.

“Compulsory vaccination, as it is done in Greece – with direct pressure, blackmail and various forms of threats – is a modern tyranny and violates human rights and the ethics of medical science. The vaccinations given to citizens with hastily produced vaccines resemble experiments on guinea pigs. “

Deterioration in his health
In recent days, the state of health of Georgios Tragas deteriorated and was considered critical. On Friday, he was diagnosed with pulmonary edema and heart attack, as a result of which a stent was deemed necessary to open the arteries, and intubation was deemed necessary. On Sunday, there was a serious kidney complication and had to be connected to an artificial kidney machine.

Recall that G. Tragas, who had major chronic diseases and was not vaccinated, announced on November 30 in his message that he and his wife were positively diagnosed with coronavirus. A few days later, on 4 December, his health deteriorated and he was admitted to Sotiria Hospital. He died 10 days later.

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