New profession – “receiving” vaccinations

While working out the remuneration, the man received … 10 coronavirus vaccinations in one day, under different names, according to the New Zealand Herald.

And all for the sake of money – those unwilling to get vaccinated paid him to get a certificate. The incident has caused serious concern among New Zealand health authorities, which have launched an official investigation.

Astrid Kornniff, Task Force Director for New Zealand’s coronavirus vaccination and immunization program, said the country’s Ministry of Health is aware of the issue and takes the incident extremely seriously:

“We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the relevant services.”

However, the department did not announce in which region of the country this happened. It is only reported that the extreme “vaccine lover” (or money) received a monetary reward for his actions.

Associate Professor Helen Petusis-Harris called his behavior “incredibly selfish”, stressing that he leaves those who are unwilling or simply afraid to get vaccinated at risk. Regarding the health risks of 10 doses of vaccines, she said:

“A man who has received multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccine is unlikely to get in serious trouble, but is likely to feel unwell the next day from multiple doses.”

She clarified that from several doses of the drug, people develop muscle and headaches, and their body temperature rises:

“Getting the wrong vaccinations not only puts you at risk, but also puts your friends, family and community at risk, and the medical teams who treat you now and in the future.”

The professor drew attention to another important point: if a person receives a certificate based on false information, his medical record will not reflect the fact of receiving a vaccination. This will affect how he looks after his health in the future.

As the locals write media, the man visited several vaccination centers to work off the money received for his unusual services.

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