Weather aggression hit Greece yesterday. What awaits us today

The wave of bad weather in Greece caused a lot of problems yesterday. What do forecasters predict for the next few hours?

Seething streams, fallen trees and broken electrical wires are just a few of the troubles that yesterday’s rage of nature brought to many municipalities. Its main feature is the strongest wind and prolonged rains, which caused flooding of roads and an increase in the level of rivers. In the mountains of Phthiotida, instead of rain, snow fell on the ground. Residents of Vula, Ano Glyfada and Vouliagmeni were left without electricity yesterday. Winds up to 9 on the Beaufort scale knocked down tree branches on the HEDNO line, and they were disconnected from the system. And in Flizvos, huge waves swept the embankment with water streams.

Serious problems have arisen throughout western Greece, the largest in Achaea and Etholoacarnania. Nektarios Farmakis, the regional governor of Western Greece, announced an unprecedented rise in the level of streams and rivers due to heavy rain.

Problems arose on many routes: on the national road Patras-Pyrgos, Patras-Athens and others. Traffic on the Arlas-Zisimeikon provincial road was stopped due to an overflow from a stream. Traffic on the road to Ano Kastritsa became impossible due to a landslide.

The village of Sudeneika in Western Achaia has literally turned into a lake, and the roads into turbulent rivers. Residents were trapped in their homes.

The municipality of Agrinio announced: “By the decision of the Mayor of Agrinio, Georgas Papanastasiou, from the village of Καμαρετσέικα Ζευγαρακίου, as a preventive measure, the residents will be evacuated due to the rising water level in Lake Lysimachia.”

And the bad weather was not going to give up:

the Acheron River overflowed in Thesprotia; the violent waves of the southern Evian Gulf linked the courtyards and shops of Nea Stira to the sea; rivers and streams in Karditsa are dangerously “swollen” due to heavy rains; rock falls have occurred in the municipality of Limni Plastira; heavy snowfall in Samarin in Grevin and in Νυμφαίο Φλώρινας.

Forecasters are in no hurry to reassure with good weather, giving cautious forecasts. In eastern Macedonia, Thrace, on the islands of the northern and eastern Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese, Cyclades and Crete, increased cloudiness, local rains, and thunderstorms are expected. There is little snow in the mountains of eastern Macedonia and Thrace. In the rest of the country, the weather is unstable – cloudiness will be replaced by the sun, in some places light rain is possible.

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