Thessaloniki: death of a young man at … the door of a pharmacy

A 34-year-old young man was trapped in the sliding doors of a pharmacy in Thessaloniki, the incident ended tragically.

The incident happened in the area of ​​Oreokastro, reports, at the entrance to the pharmacy known to all townspeople. The man stuck in the sliding metal doors was noticed by a citizen driving along Thermaikou street.

In a state of shock, he immediately called emergency services. Police officers, an ambulance and 5 firefighters in two cars arrived at the scene of the tragedy. However, the unfortunate man was dead. It is noted that the deceased is related to business. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated by the competent authorities.

A similar case, which our publication told about, happened not so long ago: 8-year-old gypsy girl Tragically died when her body was trapped by an electric door at a factory in the Piraeus suburb of Keratsini on November 17.

As it turned out today, the deceased is the owner of the pharmacy. Trying to close the sliding metal front door, under unknown circumstances, he got stuck in it, which led to his death.

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