Horrific details of a Greek immigrant’s crime in the United States

The data on a Greek immigrant who brutally murdered his partner is shocking. The growth of such crimes is of serious concern throughout the world.

As our publication reported yesterday, having only initial information about the crime, in New York, an immigrant from Greece killed his partner with a sword – he acted like Babis Anagnostopoulos from Glick Nera, misleading the police. Peter Economou, 37, stabbed the woman he lived with on Tuesday, 35-year-old Midi Singer. It happened at 1:40 am. He stabbed her to death with his sword. In fact, as it turned out, everything was much longer and worse.

First, the man hit the young girl on the head with a hammer, then stabbed her in the neck and torso. However, the torture did not end there. He grabbed a sword and began to strike with a sharp blade in the back, and then stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver.

After that, the brutal man, pushing the still not cooled body into the closet, called the police and said that a robbery had taken place in the house, as a result of which his woman was killed. According to the US correspondent for MEGA, already handcuffed and sitting in a patrol car, the criminal said: “The robbers forced me to kill my ex-girlfriend. They are here somewhere. “

After that, he broke the window of the patrol car and flew out of it, shouting: “I had a heart attack. I need medical help! ” During interrogation, the police concluded that it was Peter Economou who was the killer.

The murder of a girl in the United States resembles crime in Glyka Nera, with the murder of Caroline Krauts by her husband Babi Anagnostopoulos. In both cases, the spouses, after committing the crime, called the police and said that their partners had been killed by robbers who broke into the house. The murdered woman’s friend says:

“He’s a psychopath. I’ve known Midi for many years. She was very cheerful, lively, full of life. Gentle, kind, every time I was around her, I felt more energetic. She had life-giving energy. The guy who killed her was her youthful love. They lived together, and then she left his house and wrote to me that she was trying to escape from him. He took immediate action that day. Lier. He’s not a professional assassin. He’s a psychopath. “

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