Greek priests banned from discussing vaccinations and coronavirus

The ban on Greek clerics from mentioning COVID and vaccinations in a conversation or sermon is stated in a circular letter from Metropolitan Ignatius of Dimitriad and Almir.

The reason for him was the statements of the priest of the Dimitriad Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church in social networks and messages, where he discussed both the possibility of avoiding vaccination and COVID in general.

Against the backdrop of incessant public discussions, the hierarch of the EOC, Metropolitan Ignatius of Dimitriad and Almir, lost all patience and sent out a circular letter in which he forbade the metropolitan priests to speak with parishioners or on social networks, as well as in a sermon about coronavirus or the possibility of not vaccinating, reports.

Metropolitan Ignatius says that he tried in vain “in a fatherly way” to resolve these issues, but in the end he was forced to issue a circular. The hierarch of the EOC stated:

“From now on, we strictly prohibit any mention of coronavirus and non-vaccination, both in the sermon and for any other reason, as well as in the context of confession and personal communication with your parishioners.”

He also warned that if information comes from believers that “the ban is not being observed, personal sanctions will be imposed, the first of which is the removal of the blessing to preach and confess.”

Another pressing issue that needs to be addressed is vaccination. Metropolitan Ignatius said that the metropolitanate will examine each specific case of why the priests remain unvaccinated, without medical contraindications, reports AOJ

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