GPS Car Navigator Tricks

Modern navigation systems are the right hand of the driver, who moves through “unknown” territories. However, as the following incredible fact shows, we should not blindly obey them.

The stress of a driver driving through unfamiliar terrain is a given, especially if he drives a car in a hurry. Modern car navigation systems are of great help to drivers, and this is a fact. And lately, more and more drivers have followed their suggestions with reverent dedication, sometimes even leaving logic in the background.

The driver of the car you see in the photo must have blindly followed the directions from the navigator.

This incident is shocking. This particular driver, apparently ignoring what his eyes were seeing, decided to follow the instructions of his own navigation system, which suggested a shorter route to his destination.

The GPS system showed the driver that in order to get to the point of interest faster, he must use the railway track. Which he followed without a shadow of a doubt. As a result, literally a few meters later, he was trapped, at the same time endangering not only his own life, but also the passengers of the city train.

The incident caused corresponding delays on the urban transport line. A special brigade was urgently called to rescue the car, which found itself on the rails in a strange way. The police are investigating how this could have happened, and whether the driver of the vehicle was sober.

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