USA: “He acted like Babis Anagnostopoulos” – Greek immigrant killed his wife

In New York, an immigrant from Greece killed his partner with a sword – he acted like Babis Anagnostopoulos of Glick Nera.

According to sources in the New York police, cited by local media, 37-year-old Peter Economou last Tuesday stabbed the woman with whom he lived – 35-year-old Midi Singer. It happened at 1:40 am. He stabbed her to death with a sword and tried to present what happened as an attack by robbers, by analogy with a crime. Babisa Anagnostopoulos

The perpetrator called 911 and said that his partner had died as a result of the robbery, calling for help in order to disorient the authorities. However, during interrogation, the police concluded that it was Peter Economou who was the killer.

As the mother of the offender tells the MEGA correspondent in the USA, she came to the apartment to visit him, as the son did not answer calls. Having met her in an agitated state, he closed the door in front of her, and then jumped out onto the balcony and began to shout about murder. Then he called the police. As eyewitnesses tell representatives media, he met law enforcement officers in an extremely agitated state.

A sword was found in the house, which was used as a weapon of crime, but it is not reported where exactly. The motives for the tragedy have not yet been established. A friend of the victim, the murdered woman, says:

“He’s a psychopath. I’ve known Midi for many years. She was very cheerful, lively, full of life. Gentle, kind, every time I was around her, I felt more energetic. She had life-giving energy. The guy who killed her was her youthful love. They lived together, and then she left his house and wrote to me that she was trying to escape from him. He took immediate action that day. Lier. He’s not a professional assassin. He’s a psychopath. ”

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