Mitsotakis counts on further assistance from Russian firefighting aviation

During the talks between Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and Russian President Putin, the issue of combating the consequences of the climate crisis and cooperation in the field of civil protection was raised.

Mr. Mitsotakis noted the reliability of the Russian aircraft, which took part in the extinguishing of the unprecedented forest fires in Greece last summer. He expressed the hope that next summer the lease of firefighting aircraft will be resumed, talking about the results of the meeting with Vladimir Putin:

“With President Putin, we have adopted a joint action program for 2022-2024, which will define the general directions of our cooperation for the next three years. This is an important document for many areas of common interest. We agreed that there are other areas in which we can cooperate. For example, as Mr. President mentioned, [лесные] the fires in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean this summer have dramatically highlighted the need for coordinated action to address the immediate impact of the climate crisis. I would like to personally thank Mr. President, because, although at the same time strong fires were blazing in Siberia, he quickly ordered to respond to our request and send us substantial air support. We look forward to continuing and expanding our civil protection cooperation starting next summer, with the continued lease of aircraft that have proven to be extremely reliable in fighting fires. “

Mitsotakis expressed satisfaction with the meeting with the Russian president, noting that important issues on the development of bilateral relations and their prospects were considered:

“I want to assure you that I see this meeting as another bridge for strengthening relations between the two countries, as well as an opportunity to expand cooperation between our governments on the basis of joint respect and mutual interests. Let me remind you that I planned to pay a visit to Russia in May 2020. years, to participate in the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism, but the development of the pandemic then prevented this. Therefore, this visit is carried out today, because the conditions, despite the problems that still exist, are more favorable. The visit coincides with the 200th anniversary. the summer anniversary of the struggle for our national independence from the Ottoman yoke, in which Orthodox Russia played a decisive role. We Greeks always recognize this. “

In conclusion, the Greek Prime Minister noted:

“Naturally, we have confirmed with President Putin the many things that bind us over the centuries – from history to culture. recently in Moscow, the 13th session of the Mixed Intergovernmental Commission. “

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