Certificate or life: in Germany, the head of the family killed his wife and children, then committing suicide

The reason for the brutal reprisal of a man with his young children and his wife was … a fake vaccination certificate.

A terrible tragedy occurred last Saturday in Senzig, municipality of Königs-Wusterhausen, near Berlin, reports Berliner Morgenpost… A prosperous happy family with three small children – girls 4, 8 and 10 years old – passed away. According to German police, the bodies of children and their parents with gunshot wounds were found on December 4.

The reason was a COVID certificate that a 40-year-old man forged for his wife. Her employer found out about the forged document. The man left a suicide note explaining the reasons for his actions. He panicked that he and his wife would be arrested, and the children would be placed in a specialized institution, and did not find a better solution to the problem than to all die together. Having shot his wife and children, he committed suicide.

The head of the family worked at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences. His former colleagues still cannot come to their senses, shocked by the tragedy:

“It was with great concern and surprise that we learned about the death of one of our employees. We have lost an old and respected colleague. “

However, this release from the university’s press service lacks any commentary on the forged certificate. According to the rules currently in force in Germany, covid-certificates must be presented for visiting shops, institutions, various events and on public transport. Online comments about the tragedy: “Wait – did he kill his entire family to avoid getting the vaccine?” “This is heartbreaking,” “One of the many hidden victims of the pandemic. for mishandling this virus? “…

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