Zakynthos: Newborn case being investigated by the police

A strange story with the birth of a baby, the unwillingness of the mother to raise him and the readiness of a man to adopt a child happened in Zakynthos and attracted the attention of the police.

The case involves a Bulgarian citizen, an island resident with his wife and his mother. According to EPT, two weeks ago, the Bulgarian went to the Zakynthos hospital in connection with the upcoming birth. She was accompanied by an elderly woman and her son and wife. Already upon admission to the hospital, the words of the elderly escort aroused bewilderment and even suspicion among the medical staff.

She explained that a resident of Bulgaria had previously worked for them, but then left for her homeland, where she has four children. They allegedly found out that she was expecting a baby, and that pregnancy was undesirable for the Bulgarian. They persuaded the former worker to come to the island to give birth to him and give him up to the family of a son, ready to adopt a baby. Moreover, the elderly woman said so bluntly that her son and daughter-in-law would “take him away” after birth – for this they accompanied her.

Agitated doctors and hospital officials called the prosecutor’s office and social services responsible for the adoptions. The prosecutor ordered to leave the mother with the newborn in the hospital pending a decision.

After clarifying all the circumstances, the social services refused to adopt and, since the mother actually abandoned the child, it was decided to transfer the baby to a specialized institution. However, the newly-made mother, having learned about the verdict, behaved inappropriately. She began to scream that she regretted her refusal and threatened to throw the child out of the window.

Ultimately, doctors and police, who were called to be present at the announcement of the decision, took the baby from the raging mother and sent him to an Athens hospital for examination (the child had weight problems). As soon as the police left the hospital, the Bulgarian took her things and quickly retreated. The investigation of an unusual case continues.

However, is it so unusual? As our publication wrote two years ago, it’s hard to believe, but nowadays in European countries it is flourishing trade in newborns… A proven scheme for the sale of children has been in place in Bulgaria for 10 years already. Pregnant gypsies go to Greece, Portugal or Spain, and from there they return without babies, but with a large sum. The average price for a child is 5 thousand euros.

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