Place of death – Niagara Falls

An unusual rescue operation was carried out yesterday, December 8, at the edge of Niagara Falls – the Coast Guard noticed a half-submerged car. Unfortunately, his passenger was dead, according to The Guardian.

The car that fell into the water was steadily moving along the river towards the steep abyss and stopped 45 meters from the edge of one of the Niagara Falls, the American Falls. Only the open trunk and part of the roof were visible from the water.

The drone sent by the police determined that there was a man inside the car. With the help of a helicopter, a diver was brought to the car, who, in a strong wind, still managed to open its door. Inside was a woman of about 60 years old, who, unfortunately, turned out to be dead.

It has not yet been established how the vehicle ended up in the water. Witnesses say that the car was floating near the footbridge and, presumably, fell off it. On this day, a little snow fell and the roads were slippery. Apparently, the woman lost control in difficult weather conditions.

Rescuers say that although Niagara Falls attracts extreme lovers and suicides, they have never before had to deal with a car that has fallen into the water, almost reaching its steep edge. A little more, and he would be buried under tons of water. The United States Department of Great Lakes tweeted:

Detroit Air Force helicopter crew members picked up a woman from a car on the Niagara River and took her to a local emergency room. The man was found dead. Police received eyewitness reports that the car fell into the water between the Goat Island pedestrian bridge and the road bridge on the American side of the falls, Buffalo News reported.

The video shows a Coast Guard helicopter hovering over the car when a rescuer pulled a woman out of the car. She was the only passenger in the car.

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