February 3, 2023

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Greece Extreme Weather Warning: Heavy Rains, Thunderstorms, Hurricane Winds

Greece’s National Meteorological Service has issued a deteriorating weather alert with intense weather events such as heavy rains, thunderstorms and hurricane winds.

The weather is predicted to start worsening on Thursday evening, December 9, gradually affecting the entire country and continuing until early Sunday morning, December 12, 2021.

Thursday evening to Friday noon: 9-10 December: affected by the Ionian Islands, Epirus, western central Greece, western Peloponnese.

Friday noon: the above-mentioned regions are affected, as well as western and central Macedonia, gradually also eastern Macedonia, the islands of the northern and eastern part of the Aegean Sea, Thessaly, Central Greece, the Sporades islands, Evia, eastern Peloponnese.

Afternoon: Thrace.
Late at night: islands in the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese, Cyclades and western Crete.

A strong southerly wind with a force of 7 to 8 on the Beaufort scale will blow in the sea. On Friday (10-12-2012) in the Aegean Sea, it will reach 9 points on the Beaufort scale.

A new wave of intense weather will begin at night on Friday, December 10, and worsening weather will affect the entire country.

The cyclone that comes from the west will bring heavy rains and thunderstorms, as well as snowfalls in the north of the country.

Initially, it will affect the Ionian Islands, the mainland, the islands of the northern and eastern parts of the Aegean Sea, Evia, the Cyclades and, probably, temporarily also the northern parts of the Dodecanese.

Intense weather events will also affect Attica on Saturday, December 11. Fortunately, the cyclone will rush through Greece very quickly and on Monday sunny and cloudless weather will return, with temperatures typical for this time of year.

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