Alert in Evros: a swan has an avian influenza virus

According to information from the Veterinary Authority of Macedonia, cited by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development, a swan has been found on Evros with an avian influenza virus.

In the near future, the pathogenicity of the virus will be accurately determined, although, presumably, it is quite high. This data further demonstrates the circulation of avian influenza viruses among the country’s wild birds and the increased risk of infection in farmed poultry in the current time frame.

The authorities in the region emphasize that attention should be paid to the good implementation of biosecurity measures, which include, inter alia, a ban on keeping poultry (free grazing, organic farming, etc.) on open farms in areas of the country that are less than 2 km away. from wetlands, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc., and in unfenced areas throughout the country.

According to the latest ministry circular, even if cage keeping poultry is not compulsory, it is recommended to keep poultry indoors until at least the end of April.

Given the gravity of the situation, poultry farmers and poultry owners should immediately take all mandatory measures and any recommendations by the competent veterinary services.

At the same time, the authorities remind that in case of increased morbidity or death of poultry, their owners are obliged to immediately inform the veterinary authorities.

Citizens should avoid contact with dead or sick wild birds in the field, and if dead or half-dead birds are found, they should inform those responsible for collecting and sending biological samples to a competent laboratory.

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