The General Staff of Greece creates “Space Administration”

The General Staff of Greece has established the Space Administration, the executive body for matters related to space and related technologies.

The organ of the Greek General Staff will be responsible for organizing and operational support for the needs of national defense in this area, as well as planning, organizing and conducting interdisciplinary operations and exercises in the national, allied and European context.

According to the military website, with the creation of a new body, the optimization of the use of information measurement in the field of operations using telecommunication satellites is achieved in order to quickly collect information and a sharp reduction in decision time.

With the establishment of the new space office, cooperation with specialized bodies has improved in order to acquire the necessary experience, know-how and specialization, as well as the necessary coordination with all co-responsible bodies to ensure the national aspiration in this sector (Space Operational Domain).

The new Directorate is responsible for uniformly supporting the operational needs of the Armed Forces, as well as for the development and integrated operation of all their networks in the information environment.

This body advises the General Staff on the planning and training of communications-informatics policy and collaborates with university agencies and scientific and technical centers, participating in national and international research programs to develop innovative solutions adapted to the operational needs of the EU.

The new Directorate ensures the compatibility and synergy of the Armed Forces in an integrated information environment and improved use of space and communications – informatics in accordance with international developments and allied and European standards.

Space Command will enhance cross-sectoral decision-making and enhance the effectiveness of the Armed Forces Command and Control System, which, among other things, improves and modernizes both national and international cooperation and interaction with Greece’s friends, partners and allies, notes

Note that the European Union will discuss the issue of joint defense in March 2022.

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