Metropolitan of Messinia advocated compulsory vaccination

“There are actors in society and the state who use the ideology of anti-Axis in their own interests, and we see political forces that invest in anti-Axis”, – stated Metropolitan Chrysostom of Messinia.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of vaccination in our country is growing, – His Eminence Chrysostomos noted: “Despite the fact that vaccination rates are increasing, people react, unite, unite in groups and try to create an antidote. I believe that mandatory for everyone is the only solution to this phenomenon and is dictated by the need for vaccination. But how this commitment will be fulfilled is a question that does not concern the church. “I understand that we have people who, unfortunately, are in the Middle Ages, but this should not act as a deterrent based on the need for vaccinations to fulfill their civic duties,” he said characteristically.

These movements have grown stronger, Chrysostomos claims, and have now created the ideologies on which they are based. “They appear in the news and will appear before the elections. The way they are grouped and organized gives insight into this. Vaccination deniers include the extreme right and extreme left. “Keepers” of the Constitution began to raise the topic of vaccines as an ideology.

“True believers in the church cannot invest in the death of their fellows,” said Metropolitan Chrysostomos. “When they do what they do to satisfy a death defying ideology, are they not investing in it? At the moment, the goals are political, I am sure of that,” said Mr. Chrysostomos. He added that there is people who are negative about health problems or prejudice who also use and promote this topic, but there are those who now systematically use the anti-axer movement to invest in their own aspirations and aspirations.

Metropolitan Chrysostomos also referred to the Pope’s visit, noting that his presence in the eastern Mediterranean is very important. “His presence has highlighted the need to protect Christian values, respect human rights and freedom of religion in accordance with international law, and we will see this evolve and be implemented in the future.”

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