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The program for subsidizing housing reconstruction by the state in terms of energy saving “Εξοικονομώ” is progressing “with a creak.” Only one out of 100 applications has been approved.

A few days before the start of the new (expanded) program “Νέου Εξοικονομώ” (Πρόγραμμα Ενεργειακής Αναβάθμισης Κατοικιών με επιδότηση), it is especially interesting to analyze the reasons for delaying the approval of applications for citizens.

Only one in 100 applications is accepted at the first professional assessment, while 40% of applications require four or more evaluation cycles to achieve the completeness of the dossier (documents and certificates that are required).

According to the data presented to the Parliament by the Development Bank, after the relevant question from SYRIZA deputies, 1% of applications are filled after the first assessment, 20% of applications after the second, 40% after the third assessment and 39% of applications are completed if they are evaluated at least four or more times.

The six most common mistakes found when evaluating applications

In 50% of applications, some parameters of the property are not indicated, mainly square meters, as well as the address, floor, etc., which must be indicated when submitting an application in the information system.

In 40% of applications, the registration form for completed repairs was filled in incorrectly, and the data indicated in it does not correspond to the data of invoices for the work that were declared in the information system.

In 30% of applications, the data specified in the responsible declarations of contractors / suppliers do not coincide with those declared in the information system. It is also required to indicate (on credit) the method of payment of bills for repairs, as well as receipts for the provision of consulting and design services, in accordance with the provisions of the program.

In 20% of applications, there is a discrepancy between the data declared in the information system and the data of the digitized invoices that were submitted. In several applications, project consultants are requesting an unacceptable payment amount.

Recall, as previously wrote “Russian Athens”, housing needs to be updated, independently or using state subsidies, in accordance with the provisions of the new law. That is, if your home does not meet energy conservation standards, then you will not be able to either sell or rent it.

Pursuant to Article 7a of the draft new Community directive on energy efficiency in buildings (Κοινοτικής Οδηγίας για την Ενεργειακή Απόδοση Κτιρίων), each EU Member State will set minimum energy efficiency standards for the renovation of existing buildings. The standards will be applied no later than 2027. By 2035, the entire national building stock will be brought to minimum energy efficiency standards.

Member States shall ensure that buildings and apartments sold or leased to a new tenant have at least:

energy efficiency class E for subsequent transaction
January 1, 2027 (after January 1, 2030 for apartment buildings) energy efficiency class D for a transaction that takes place after
1 January 2030 (after 1 January 2035 for apartment buildings) energy efficiency class C for transactions after
January 1, 2033 (after January 1, 2040 for apartment buildings).

By way of derogation from the strict provisions of the directive, a building or other building unit may be sold, provided that the buyer upgrades it to the limit in force at the time of the sale, within three years from the date of sale.

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