Halandri: KEP Citizen Services in Sign Language

Now, without problems and obstacles, services can be provided to citizens with hearing problems (deaf and dumb) at the KEP Community Service Center in Halandri.

The special initiative is being implemented by the decision of the municipality and Deputy Mayor Haris Mavrudis. Four KEP employees have been trained in Greek Sign Language for two years and are now starting to work. The specialists received their diplomas at the Federation of the Deaf of Greece (Ομοσπονδία Κωφών Ελλάδας) at a special event that took place yesterday (07.12). Specialized employees are Argiris Kapnisakis, Athena Sophia Collia, Dora Spanou and Maria Stamula.

After the graduation ceremony, guests attending the ceremony were able to watch a presentation on how services are provided in sign language.

“We are very grateful to Deputy Mayor Haris Mavrudis for this initiative, especially to the staff and management of KEP, who decided to start a two-year process of training specialists with the sole purpose of expanding the range of services provided to citizens,” the winners said.

Halandri Mayor Mr Roussos stressed: “This initiative is part of a systematic effort that has been under way since 2014 (to provide equal rights to serve people with disabilities). What has been and will remain a priority for the current administration of the Halandri municipality ”.

The Deputy Mayor mentioned the following steps: “There is a desire to extend the service to other KEP offices. In addition, the municipal authorities have proven their sensitivity to the problems of people with disabilities and in recent years have launched a number of projects and actions, such as the installation of special ramps in schools for students with disabilities, access to the Rematias festival, etc. employees receive appropriate training and start work, if they are interested in this. In addition, the cost of something so important is low, the municipality costs about 6,000 euros per year. And the benefits are numerous. We will continue this initiative. “

Two of the four KEPs that can now serve hearing impaired people are the central KEP in Chalandri (Κεντρικό ΚΕΠ Χαλανδρίου, Γρ.

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