Details of the talks between the Russian and American presidents

Details of the online talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden were revealed in the Kremlin. Yuri Ushakov, Assistant to the Head of Russia, spoke about the main topics of communication between the heads of the two powers.

According to RIA News, referring to Ushakov, it took quite a lot of time to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The American president expressed concern about the accumulation of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine and warned his Russian counterpart about “large-scale sanctions” in the event of an escalation. In response, Putin drew attention to NATO’s eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia. And also on the actions taken by the Ukrainian authorities in relation to the Russian language in the country. After discussing this issue, the presidents decided to continue contacts on the situation in Ukraine. The aide to the head of Russia noted that during the negotiations the issue of sending Russian troops to Ukraine was not even raised. Ushakov, in his own words, quoted the main message of the President of Russia:

“Putin said that you Americans are worried about our battalions on Russian territory thousands of kilometers from USA, and we are really worried about our security, the security of Russia in a global sense, on a global scale. Russian troops are on their territory and do not threaten anyone, the president spoke about this. “

Business negotiations between the Russian and American leaders included an exchange of compliments and jokes. Biden softened his rhetoric about possible sanctions and mentioned them in a more appropriate way than in public statements.

Negotiation passed behind closed doors. For the first time, a new secure video communication line was used for communication, intended for communication between the leaders of the two states. During the teleconference, the Russian president was at the Sochi residence, Bocharov Ruchei.

Bloomberg reports that after negotiations with Putin, Biden intends to discuss their results with European allies.

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