200 euros for an injection into … a down jacket

As it became known after a complaint to the law enforcement agencies of a vigilant citizen, a doctor from Patras makes false vaccinations.

According to the Peloponnese newspaper (pelop.gr), recently people who have openly opposed the vaccine have begun to receive vaccination certificates.

It became clear how this is happening from a statement by a local resident to the police, who said that the owner of a hairdresser and a businessman selling food for catering had paid 200 euros (each) to obtain a fake vaccination certificate at a vaccination center in Patras.

“The injection was made in the sleeve of the jacket. I paid 650 euros for 4 people. The fourth was my mother-in-law, and I paid only 50 because she had already given the first dose of the vaccine and now decided to give the second injection in this way, “said a businessman who, according to the Peloponnese, says on his website that he doesn’t make a vaccine, but he has a way to get certified.

A vigilant citizen asks, “But why can’t they put up a camera to see what’s going on at a particular vaccination center?” Two of my inner circle made an appointment, and a particular doctor gave them a shot in the sleeve of the jacket they were wearing! And, of course, they were registered in the system as vaccinated. “

Achaia’s deputy governor for public health, Charalambos Bonanos, said the matter was being studied, arguing that investigating the case would be difficult as no one would “certify” that he paid to get a “certificate” without a vaccine.

Recall that in the case of Karditsa, the administrative officer of the Palama health center falsely entered into the vaccination system information that people who had never been at the vaccination center were vaccinated against coronavirus. Taking advantage of the doctor’s trust, he entered the system illegally and declared himself and his acquaintances “vaccinated” people who had never actually been vaccinated.

The case was solved because documents were found that every vaccinated person must fill out, which did not have the seal and signature of the doctor, as it should be.

But in the case in Patras, according to the complaint, “the doctor arranged everything,” and therefore there is no shortage of stamps or anything else that could facilitate the detection of fraud.

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