Police raid on the antiviral drug store “Ministry of Medicines” in Arachova

Greek police, finance and health authorities raided an anti-Axis shop in the winter resort of Arachova on Mount Parnassus. The store has been operating for a month and a half and was called the “Ministry of Legal Protection”.

The store was opened by a group calling themselves “Guardians of the Constitution” who claim to have all the constitutional rights to ignore any measures, rules and regulations of the state against the coronavirus pandemic, and that no government institutions have authority over them, including imposing fines.

The group wears uniforms, uses religious and ancient Greek slogans such as the “Άγιος” (Holy) statement and the Spartan slogan “Μολὼν λαβέ” (“Come and get!”) And behave as if they were police officers.

Last week, four members of the Guardians of the Constitution were arrested after they took control of the diagnostic center that conducted express tests in Thessaloniki. However, they claimed to be police officers and demanded a license to operate the institution. The owner called the police.

The group has been in the news since last week, but the authorities have not yet done anything to stop them, despite the recent law, aimed at those who spread fake news about the pandemic.

In the past few days, TV channels reported on the Ministry of Legal Defense store in Arachova, and the manager claimed that the local authorities had confirmed to them that “the state has no power over them” and that everything is “legal”. … “

The anti-vaccine group has consistently stated that it does not recognize control by any government agency.

The store sold some “medicines” from herbs and seeds, as well as stones with “positive energy.”

On Tuesday morning, police officers and officials from the Treasury and Health Departments visited the store to check if it was operating legally and how reportedly detained his manager.

The 49-year-old store manager was arrested and reportedly fined 5,000 euros for violating the mask regime.

“People need to know that our strength is ourselves. We built this store for our own money, and no government services, not even the police, can enter us, “says …” Guardian of the Constitution “in the corresponding video.

“The products are here and they are all very legal,” he added. All transactions, according to the “custodians”, will be made … by credit credit of our own production (see photo).

“Guardians of the Constitution” have created various groups on Facebook, where they exchange information and organize rallies, and often publish videos of nationalist content. Many times they intervene to “save” the country and implement the laws of the Constitution, and act as the “constitutional police”.

Guardians of the Constitution claim in a video they uploaded to social media that “there is no Covid law here,” and even offer a free express test, as indicated on a sign at the entrance to their COVID CLEAN store.

On Tuesday afternoon, the mayor of Arakhova told the media that from the very first moment it opened, he had reported the store to the authorities, but the reaction did not come until a few days later. “The store is closed,” the mayor announced Yannis Statas, adding that four people were detained.

Οι Θεματοφύλακες του Άρθρου 120 άνοιξαν στην Αράχωβα μαγαζί Covid Clean όπου χρησιμοποιούν το δικό τους νόμισμα, δεν δέχονται έλεγχο απο καμία υπηρεσία του κράτους και ΟΛΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ TAX FREE ??????

ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΟ ΠΡΙΝ ΤΟ ΚΑΤΕΒΑΣΟΥΝ pic.twitter.com/Nv50N4uWO1

– Nikos Michael (@ NikosMichael6) December 2, 2021

“These people are well known here, they are problematic. Nobody here takes them seriously. They opened on Thursday, and on Friday I filed an oral complaint with the police. Yesterday I wrote a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, to the tax office, sent it to all services, because there was no document for this store, and today they were all arrested. Four people were taken to the prosecutor’s office this morning and are there. “

All four employees of the store were taken to the police station, including the manager or “Minister of Health” who was removed from her … position.

A woman who came to Greece from Britain (?) And has been living in Arachova for the past few years, told MEGA TV that she runs a total of six ministries throughout Greece, one of which is on the island of Samos. According to the mayor, she moved to Arachovo from the island of Ikaria.

According to mass media , in March 2020, they promoted the spray, claiming it was a “Covid vaccine.” In November 2021, they declare that the virus does not exist as there is no clear evidence to the contrary.

It is reported that Constitutional Guards operate primarily through Facebook, where they have created several anti-vaccination groups, exchange information, organize events and often upload videos with nationalist content. They claim to be the “constitutional police”.

In the recent past, members of the group have filed lawsuits against teachers demanding millions of euros because “they force their children to wear masks.”

The Guardians are known to be associated with swindler Artemis Sorras, who claimed that he could pay off Greece’s debt of up to 600 billion euros during the economic crisis with non-existent bonds and shares in exchange for a high political office. As a result, he went to jail for fraud, but he had tens of thousands of supporters, whom he promised various preferences, from writing off loans for housing, ending with overdue electricity and telephone bills.

PS I wonder who finances this group of vaccine opponents by providing them with uniforms and special cars, paying for lawsuits and paying for the costs of lawyers and a fairly high rent in Arachov, not to mention the other 5 “ministries” …

PPS According to our reader, “Guardians of the Constitution” detainees in Thessaloniki On December 2, they were released almost immediately. Good lawyers, for a good fee, can do anything …

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