Infant seven days old was hospitalized with coronavirus

A 7-day-old child diagnosed with coronavirus is being treated at a Corfu hospital.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was little data on how children under one year old carry the coronavirus. They were thought to get sick easily or asymptomatically. Later, special departments for infected children began to appear in hospitals, where babies are also treated.

According to kerkyrasimera, five more children under 11 are being treated at a local hospital, despite the fact that initially two people with coronavirus were hospitalized in a pediatric clinic.

Now doctors have a clear understanding that coronavirus in infants can affect not only the lungs, but also other organs. Initially, the virus manifests itself like a common ARVI, but makes itself felt later. Postcoid syndrome (long-term symptoms, expressed in disruption of the work of various organs, mainly those with which there were problems before) occurs in most cases and is more severe than the disease itself.

As noted, if in adults complications after suffering a coronavirus appear, as a rule, immediately, then in children – often after a month or even six months. Children under the age of one year and with chronic diseases are prone to a more severe course of the new coronavirus infection.

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