Indonesia: death toll rises to 22 due to volcanic eruption, 27 are missing (video)

Three days after the powerful eruption on Saturday, the Semeru volcano in Indonesia is still active. Hot ash continues to erupt from the crater, with the death toll rising to 22.

More than 1000 people were evacuated from the danger zone. Tons of ash covered nearby villages. The military, police and ordinary citizens are digging up the corpses of the dead with their hands. Many victims were taken to hospitals with burns and serious injuries.

On December 1, the volcano became active, and after 3 days the residential quarters around it were under hot emissions. The fog became a hindrance to an objective assessment of the situation, so residents were not warned in time about the impending danger, and the evacuation began with an unforgivable delay. The elements literally took people by surprise, as residents say:

People thought it was just a flood. We didn’t know they were hot streams of mud. Suddenly, the sky darkened, a downpour began, and smoke appeared. It’s good that it started raining, thanks to it we could breathe.

However, many are trapped in a smoke trap, and the authorities are reporting new emissions. They urge to leave the dangerous area and not to rush to return. The Athens News Agency reports 22 dead and 27 missing. The Indonesian Disaster Management Service informs that seismic activity will continue.

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