Farewell tomorrow to 14-year-old girl who died in Lamia from coronavirus

Tomorrow will be the funeral of a schoolgirl from Lamia, who died from complications of the coronavirus. The forensic examination revealed pulmonary edema.

It took the girl only a week to unequally fight the coronavirus. After a sudden deterioration in her condition, she was taken to Lamia General Hospital, but the doctors were powerless.

On Tuesday, December 7, in the Church of St. Athanasius in Galaneika, at 11 o’clock in the morning, relatives, friends, classmates and teachers will say goodbye to the schoolgirl who passed away so suddenly, lamiareport reports. Gr. The funeral will take place in the village of Stirfaka (Lamia).

The family appeals to everyone who comes to say goodbye to her at the church, refuse wreaths and make a feasible contribution to the fund of St. Athanasius by dropping a donation into a special box near the entrance to the church.

The autopsy revealed that “there was pulmonary edema, the results of other medical examinations are pending.” A student in the third grade of the 4th high school in the city fell ill with the coronavirus on November 29, but suffered the infection very easily. The girl was treated at home and taken to the hospital, when it was too late… It is reported that the parents were active opponents of vaccination and did not believe in the coronavirus. On Saturday morning, her mother took the girl to Lamia Hospital with chest pains. While the doctors tried to intubate her, she had several cardiac arrests, KTG briefly reported. The hospital said in a statement that the girl was not vaccinated and her death was linked to a Covid complication that affected the girl’s heart.

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