“Who is the smartest in the world?” – world ranking 2021

Which countries have the smartest citizens? This question was puzzled by the British Vouchercloud, according to the results of the study, having published the global rating “The smartest countries in 2021”. And where is Greece?

According to the research report, a ranking of the countries with the smartest citizens in the world was compiled. It is based on three factors: the average IQ of the population, the number of Nobel laureates, and the level of education. As one would expect, the Japanese were the smartest, having nominated their country as the undisputed leader. According to individual criteria, the country took:

by the number of Nobel laureates – 6th place; in terms of academic performance of primary school students – 5th place; in terms of IQ of citizens per capita – 6th place.

But in the aggregate, these indicators turned out to be the best among the world powers. Close to the leader, they settled down in order: Switzerland, China, USA, Netherlands and Russia.

China secured itself the third place on the list thanks to the high IQ of its citizens (105.8), losing the world leadership in this indicator only to Singapore (107.1). The list of the smartest is dominated by Europe and Asia. The top 10 includes 5 European countries: Switzerland (second place), the Netherlands (fifth place), Russia (sixth place), Belgium (seventh), Great Britain (eighth).

Where is Greece? Alas, she was only in 47th place with an average IQ of 93. Perhaps the climate is to blame? In a similar 2018 poll according to IQ, the British newspaper The Times drew an interesting conclusion. As it turned out, people living in countries with cold climates show a higher level of intelligence than people living in hot regions.

Traditionally, Singapore has the highest performance indicators for primary school students. Only Asian countries are in the top ten. But about the number of Nobel laureates, India got offended. Despite the fact that she ranks higher on this indicator than China, she is hopelessly behind in terms of IQ per capita and level of personal education.

International media comment on the published list and argue that “it is normal for the top 25 Nobel laureates to be dominated by Western citizens, because this institution itself is a Western invention.” However, they note that “the future trend in the development of education in the country is determined not so much by the Nobel Prize laureates, but by two other indicators: the average IQ per capita and the quality of education.”

The irony is that the United States has relied only on its huge track record of winning Nobel Prizes (368 Americans) for this ranking to reach fourth place. But the United States has a very low average IQ per capita (only 28th place) and a personal education index.

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