Two Russian women who disappeared a week ago were found – their bodies were found in Cyprus

A man suspected of killing two Russian citizens was arrested and showed where he buried the bodies of young women.

In mid-November, as our publication reported, disappeared two women from Russiawho lived in the village of Kato Aminando in Cyprus. The police did not rule out that they were killed – in the house from which the women disappeared, numerous blood stains were found, invisible to the naked eye. Ultraviolet light was used to detect them. The blood was also found on a small excavator near the house.

The Russian women were found, according to the Cyprus Mail, dead in the garden of a holiday home in Limassol province. Police arrested a 32-year-old Syrian citizen suspected of the crime. He confessed to the murder and showed where he hid the bodies. Two of his acquaintances are also involved in the case.

According to media reports, 33-year-old Maria Gazibagandova and 43-year-old Al-Raisi Hayat (originally from Syria) came to the island as tourists. The Syrian met them at the rest house, where he was doing repairs. For an unknown reason, he killed both of them with firearms and buried them in the yard.

In his initial testimony, he stated that the Russians had been kidnapped by another person, and he did not know where they had disappeared. But the suspicion of the police was caused by his telephone conversations with accomplices, and at that time he himself was randomly moving from place to place.

Traces of blood of one of the murdered women were found in a rest home and on a mini-excavator that was used for repair work. After the murder, police found that the Syrian had used one of the women’s credit cards several times.

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