June 10, 2023

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Polish chain of discount stores Pepco to open stores in Greece

The Polish chain of discount stores Pepco is expected to shake up the Greek retail market. Since the company, whose main trade is in clothing and home decor, will compete with well-known chains in Greece such as Jumbo.

However, it remains to be seen whether the group, to which Pepco belongs, plans to develop other networks in Greece, as has already been done in Poland, Spain and the UK.

On Tuesday, the company announced its intention to open 12 stores in Greece, the first four of which are expected in the fall of 2022, likely in Attica. Sources say that one will be in the center of Athens, and three more – in other popular places in the capital. At a later stage, the network will expand to other parts of Greece.

Pepco intends to partner with landlords and real estate agents to secure long-term leases of 350-650 square meters stores in retail space and shopping centers in cities with populations of over 20,000. This means that it intends to develop stores that will be smaller than Jumbo’s. Pepco will also initially hire 120 people.

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