Modernization of the Air Force base in Larisa: will the USA send flying tankers from Incirlik

The United States is preparing to modernize the Larissa military base in Central Greece with new buildings and infrastructure improvements, including with the aim of receiving flying tankers from the Incirlik air base in Turkey.

The project was activated after Greece and the United States signed an extension to the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) in October.

According to the post of the military affairs website armyvoice.grThe project includes the construction of a new and improvement of the existing infrastructure of the airbase in Larissa, carried out by the Environmental Chemical Corporation.

In particular, the objectives of the project:

construction of two (2) large maintenance sheds (LAMs), one (1) aircraft maintenance building, one (1) technical facility building, runway expansion, aircraft parking construction, parking lot construction, access road reconstruction, construction auxiliary aircraft parking, installation of new airfield equipment.

A reasonable question arises: what are the Americans trying to “build” in Larissa at a time when no aircraft relocation has been announced, except for some landings of individual F-22 Raptor aircraft and some UAVs?

Citing well-informed sources, armyvoice reports that the United States is concerned about Turkey’s behavior and is looking for a solution in case its bilateral relations deteriorate and Incirlik has to be closed.

“Of course, this does not mean that this will happen, but this is probably preparation, since it seems that relations with Turkey are going through a difficult period,” the sources said.

The plan for Larissa, although discussed in recent years, was activated after the renewal of the Agreement on Mutual Defense Cooperation (MDCA), signed by the United States and Greece in October, which provides for large investments in the Larissa airbase. The airbase has a fuel line at a very close distance, and is also technologically modernized as the first airport to have fiber optic suitable for data transmission.

According to sources, this combination is of great interest to the United States, which wanted to invest in turning Larisa into an airbase, which, if necessary, could become an alternative option for transferring aircraft from Incirlik.

In addition, given Greece’s lack of infrastructure for network-driven vehicles such as the upgraded F-16 Viper and F-35 planes that are being promoted to replenish the Greek arsenal, projects undertaken by the Americans are expected to contribute in this direction. In addition, this is “the creation of a suitable infrastructure for our country,” the sources said. at the General Staff of Greece

According to the sources of the publication in the American embassy, ​​in the coming days it will be announced which Greek company will be transferred to the contract for the project in Larissa.

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