Metropolitan anti-Vaxer with Covid-19 "stolen" bed in the intensive care unit

The Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church, known for his anti-Axist statements, has contracted Covid-19. It took a prosecutor’s order to move him from his home to a public hospital.

Until the very last moment, the 80-year-old bishop, as well as his relatives, opposed his intubation, which the doctor considered necessary. In the end, the bishop found himself on a bed in the largest hospital in Athens, Evangelismos.

And then hell broke out

The POEDIN Hospital Workers Union issued a statement that a 58-year-old patient vaccinated with Covid-19 was intubated outside an intensive care unit at the same hospital in Agrinio, western Greece, and said his seat had been skipped on the waiting list. His wife turned to the media and complained that her husband was “bypassed” in line for a bed in intensive care for the sake of the Metropolitan.

POEDIN said, citing data from the Ministry of Health, that 120 intubated coronavirus patients in hospitals were waiting for beds in the intensive care unit and wondered how the bishop managed to get one so quickly.

A 58-year-old man infected with Covid-19 was intubated outside an intensive care unit and treated in a regular ward, the patient’s spouse said. Mega TV Friday at noon. The father of two children, ages 13 and 19, has serious health problems and his condition is considered particularly grave.

“I am a believing Christian, but our bishop was treated better than my husband, and he was immediately found a bed in the intensive care unit, despite the fact that he did not want to,” the woman said. “He is a bishop and got a bed in intensive care. So we are empty space? No room for us? We do not have such an opportunity as he has. Why? ”, The spouse of the“ missed ”patient asks bitterly. “We just wait for a bed in the IT ward, and if we don’t find it, they will cut him off from intubation here in Agrinio if two rapid tests are negative,” she added.

She said that her husband had been fighting Covid-19 for 30 days and had already been to the hospital once, from where he was discharged. His condition worsened and he was hospitalized again on 18 November. “On November 22, I spoke with a pulmonologist at the hospital, who told me that his condition had improved, that he needed to be discharged and continued treatment at home,” the woman said.

The man returned home dirty and hungry, and an ambulance took him out of the hospital with an oxygen tank and an oxygen reading of 83%, which dropped to 82% upon arrival. She called the hospital, and on the evening of November 23rd he was again hospitalized. The woman added that her husband and she are fully vaccinated, her son was given the second dose of the vaccine, and the girl was given the first dose.

Probably after some “higher” intervention and outrage at the bishop’s preferential treatment, a bed was “found” in the intensive care unit of Ioannina Hospital, about 200 km away, and the man was transferred there late Friday night.

120 Intubated Covid Patients Out of ICU

More than 120 intubated coronavirus patients were treated outside intensive care units on Friday, with most of them in regular Covid wards with other patients, according to the POEDIN union. The union stressed that “intubated elderly people are never transferred” to the intensive care unit.

“The 80-year-old bishop, whom we wish the best possible recovery from the bottom of our hearts, an unvaccinated and fierce opponent of vaccinations and the coronavirus, was hospitalized on Wednesday afternoon, and by evening he was found a bed in the intensive care unit, in the best unit in the country,” says in a statement POEDIN… – Other intubated patients outside ICUs were less fortunate“.

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said on Saturday that he was “unaware” of the incident with the Metropolitan.

Bishop Kosmas

80-year-old Metropolitan Kosmas of Aetolia and Acarnania preached against the use of masks and vaccinations, arguing, among other things, that “God does not allow infections inside the church.” In one of his speeches, which were broadcast by local media and on social networks, he said: “God does not infect! Let’s clear this up! The church is holy, this is paradise! “

Some local residents told the media that the metropolitan angered the local community by the low level of vaccination in his zone of influence.

On Friday, the Metropolitan’s sister, a 75-year-old infected with Covid-19, was also taken to the hospital.


As expected, this incident caused social media outrage: Many have suspected political interference in favor of the infamous anti-Axer Bishop. The angry Greeks went beyond the debate, wondering whether an anti-vaxer should be allowed to “steal an intensive care unit bed” from a vaccinated citizen.

EODY official data as of December 4th

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 962,695 infections have been confirmed in Greece (daily change + 0.5%). Of the confirmed cases in the past 7 days, 99 infections were from travel from abroad and 3,290 were from other confirmed cases.

Over the past 24 hours, 88 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total number of victims of the pandemic to 18,516. Of these, 95.4% had an underlying disease and / or were 70 years of age or older.

There are 697 patients in hospitals on mechanical ventilation. Their average age is 65, and 80.8% have an underlying medical condition and / or age 70 or older.

Of the total number of intubations, 555 (79.63%) people are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, and 142 (20.37%) are fully vaccinated.

Since the start of the pandemic, 3,554 people have been discharged from intensive care units.

455 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in the last 24 hours (daily change + 7.82%). The average number of hospitalized patients with Covid-19 over the past 7 days was 450.

The median age of new infections is 38 years (range, 0.2 to 106 years), and the median age of deaths is 78 years (range, 0.2 to 106 years).

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