Greece: booster vaccination 2-3 months after vaccination

The Greek Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening that all citizens over 18 will be able to sign up for a Covid-19 revaccination 3 months after the second vaccine.

The Greek authorities this time decided to be the very first in the world regarding measures against coronavirus. First, they were the first in Europe to introduce compulsory vaccination for people over 60 years old, as well as fines for the unvaccinated, then it was decided to have a booster vaccine in 4 months, and finally called on to be vaccinated in 2-3 months.

Antivaxer predictions of monthly vaccinations seem to be starting to come true …

Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Temistokleous announced in an unusual press conference on Friday that the vaccination booking platform will gradually open later in the evening or early Saturday morning for all citizens eligible for a shorter revaccination time.

All citizens over 18 years of age can take the third dose three months after the second. Likewise, people who have had the virus can take a third dose three months after diagnosis. Those who have received a single Johnson & Johnson vaccine can have a booster dose two months later, as previously defined.

Themistocleous said, that the National Vaccination Committee considered the recommendations and data received regarding the Omicron mutation and decided to administer the booster vaccine to all citizens over 18 years of age 3 months after full vaccination. He stressed that the goal is “for everyone who received a full vaccination in late August-early September to get a revaccination by mid-January 2022.

He noted that receiving the first dose will have priority over revaccination and should not be delayed for more than 3-4 days. The closer the date of revaccination [через 3 месяца], the more assignments will be available to those eligible for it.

Temistocleous said the vaccination committee based its decision on national and international scientific evidence, and also made reference to other countries such as the UK that have already reduced the time between the second dose and the booster dose.

Two days ago, the Prime Minister made this recommendation to the vaccination committee, and on Friday afternoon, Temistokelous told the media that the revaccination would be done. in 4 months after the second dose.

In social networks Greek users wonder the medical rationale for halving the interval between full vaccination and re-vaccination to three months, and whether this sudden decision would add confusion and doubt among people.

And they also ask the question, when will the vaccination become monthly or, what is worse, daily?

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