Attention: from Monday, fines of up to € 30,000 for online vehicle license plate check

The new legislation provides for fines of up to 30,000 euros and the revocation of a driver’s license for 3 years.

Article 14 of the amendment specifies that fines are imposed on offenders who put their vehicle “on a joke” and announced this on a specialized platform. If a citizen, at his own peril and risk, nevertheless decides to use a car, he will be identified during the check and an appropriate fine will be imposed on him.

Fines start at € 10,000. In the event of a repetition of the violation, the fine is tripled and amounts to 30,000 euros, as well as withdrawal of the driver’s license from the owner or user of the vehicle for 3 years.

Help “Russian Athens”

Voluntary vehicle immobilization (license plate surrender, refusal to move) is an economical solution that makes life much easier for families who have two or more cars and who have dramatically reduced their travel during a pandemic, isolation and remote work. The Ministry of Finance expects that this year will record a record for the submission of license plates through the introduction of an electronic platform through which it is possible to submit declarations on the setting up of vehicles.

With a few clicks on a computer or mobile phone, taxpayers can submit their license plates online without waiting in line at the tax office.

License plates will not actually be sent to the tax office. The owners of the car will keep them in case the regulatory authorities ask to show them to the tax office or the police. The vehicle for which the application has been made to be mocked is strictly prohibited from driving for any reason.

Even if the car is found parked in a different location than what was originally announced on the electronic platform, this will be considered a violation.

If a violation of the relevant legislation is found in the context of inspections carried out by legally competent authorities and the services of an independent state tax authority, regardless of whether the vehicle has a license plate, an administrative fine of EUR 10,000 is levied on the owner, which is increased threefold (30,000 euros) in the event of a repeated violation.

In addition, the offender is charged twice for traffic. In this case, the driver’s license of the vehicle owner is withdrawn for three years.

How the platform for the delivery of car license plates works

The delivery of license plates is carried out electronically in a few clicks on a computer, laptop or smartphone. The taxpayer indicates the exact data of the address of residence, as well as the place where the vehicle is parked. In this case, the car owner will keep at home both the vehicle registration certificate and license plates.

Once the owner has announced that the vehicle has been put on the road, he is prohibited from moving it, otherwise he will have to pay a fine of 10,000 euros.

Electronic registration of delivery of license plates

The entrance to the platform is carried out with the TAXISnet codes.

When choosing “Digital delivery of numbers / traffic” (“Ψηφιακή Ακινησία / Κυκλοφορία”), the car owner is taken to a page where his AFM, vehicle registration number and the current date are automatically displayed.

If a person owns more than one car, then when you click on the registration number, the license plates of all vehicles are displayed, so that you can choose which ones will be returned.

In addition, the vehicle status (MOTION / STILL) is displayed. It is necessary to select “Application for vehicle immobilization” (“Δήλωση Ακινησίας Οχημάτων”).

Then you are taken to a page where the complete data about the applicant and his vehicle is automatically displayed (Αριθμός Κυκλοφορίας, ΑΦΜ, Ονοματεπώνυμο ή Επωνυμία, Διεύθυνση Κατο ικΈδας. You need to click on the appropriate column to responsibly declare that:

a) the vehicle will be stored in a closed and fenced area;

b) the car will not move after the statement is made.

In addition, vehicle owners list in detail the details of the parking lot where the car will be parked. We remind you that license plates are removed from the car and stored at the car owner’s home.

Their submission (delivery) to the tax office is no longer required. The same procedure applies if the owner of the immobilized vehicle wishes to cancel the immobilization and start using the vehicle.

Please note that the myCAR app informs the car owner that the electronic registration of the license plate cannot be completed if the owner has not paid road tax or does not have a valid insurance policy for the vehicle.

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