December 11, 2023

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Window and door tax

Property owners are hit by a new directive on energy efficiency in buildings, which is expected to be officially published on December 14.

According to POMIDA, the directive sets unrealistic energy efficiency requirements for existing buildings that, if not met in time, will not be able to be rented or sold if the buyer does not retrofit the building within three years.

In practice, as soon as the directive comes into force, the mass of property owners will find themselves in a very difficult position. It will be impossible to rent or sell a home if the requirements of the directive are not met (energy efficiency is ensured), i.e. double-glazed windows, etc. are not installed.

As POMIDA explains in a letter to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas, this plan, which cannot be financially implemented in the country, will hit landlords. Because they will have to tidy up the facility first, which will require “big money”. Moreover, having refurbished the housing, it is still unknown how the tenants will treat it, and whether the money will go down the drain.

Pursuant to Article 7a of the draft new Community directive on energy efficiency in buildings (Κοινοτικής Οδηγίας για την Ενεργειακή Απόδοση Κτιρίων), each EU Member State will set minimum energy efficiency standards for the renovation of existing buildings. The standards will be applied no later than 2027. By 2035, the entire national building stock will be brought to minimum energy efficiency standards.

Member States shall ensure that buildings and apartments sold or leased to a new tenant have at least:

energy efficiency class E for subsequent transaction
January 1, 2027 (after January 1, 2030 for apartment buildings) energy efficiency class D for a transaction that takes place after
January 1, 2030 (after January 1, 2035 for apartment buildings) energy efficiency class C for transactions completed after
January 1, 2033 (after January 1, 2040 for apartment buildings).

By way of derogation from the strict provisions of the directive, a building or other building unit may be sold, provided that the buyer upgrades it to the limit in force at the time of the sale, within three years from the date of sale.

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