First-hand: what the first carrier of the strain Omicron in Greece tells

Costas Aggelakis became the first in Greece to be diagnosed with the Omicron coronavirus mutation. He is now in quarantine at home and told Mega about his feelings.

Aggelakis is a businessman from Chania who has been based in Johannesburg for the past seven years. He regularly travels to Greece, but his trips were delayed by two years due to the pandemic:

“I decided to come to Greece because my family and I were vaccinated. We heard on the news that the number of cases in Greece is growing rapidly, and I feared isolation. For this reason, I came before the holidays. “

He says that it is difficult to understand where and how he could get infected. The businessman works in the catering industry and, accordingly, actively contacts with suppliers and customers:

“I do not know how. All are wearing masks. From time to time, they also take more stringent measures depending on the cases identified. ”

Costas Aggelakis left Johannesburg on November 25 and arrived in Greece the next day, November 26. He tells:

“I have worked in third countries for many years, and whenever I came to Greece, I was isolated alone for three or four days. I did the same now, which is even more justified against the backdrop of the pandemic. “

Kostas says about his symptoms and sensations this way:

“I only had one symptom: when I went to bed on Saturday night, I felt a strange burning sensation, a ‘stinging’ in my chest that continued. I managed to fall asleep, despite the discomfort, and in the morning, when I got up, I did not feel any symptoms. I have nothing, no fever, no tithes. My oxygen was at around 100 today when I was measured. But if you asked me if I would do the vaccine again, I would say yes, I will do it again. ”

About how he was diagnosed with coronavirus, the man says:

“Since the day I arrived in Athens, I have performed a rapid test myself. Once I asked the pharmacy to do a rapid nose test. After 10 minutes, I was informed that the test was positive. I immediately asked them to do a second to make sure it was negative. “

Alas, the second test was positive. The fully vaccinated Pfizer Aggelakis then took a PCR test at a private laboratory in Chania and tested positive again. He is now in home quarantine, which ends on December 9. He says:

“I have nothing, no fever, no temperature, nothing. The problem is for the following tests to come back negative. Today my sample is positive. ”

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