Fatigue and weakness are the main symptoms of the Omicron strain

Zukhra Pavlova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, endocrinologist, Moscow State University, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, draws attention to the main symptom of the Omicron-strain of coronavirus – a feeling of fatigue:

“Unfortunately, this symptom cannot be distinguished from ordinary fatigue on our own: in both cases, people complain about the same thing. And then – the art of a doctor who must, after examining the patient and asking questions, understand that this is not just a blues, lack of sunlight or accumulated physical fatigue, but the symptoms of an incipient or progressive disease. “

In his interview radio Sputnik the doctor recommends to immediately do a coronavirus test if you feel unreasonable fatigue and weakness:

“Since everyone now knows about this symptom, a red line passing through this disease, everyone should be on their guard and not miss it. If you feel physical, emotional weakness, fatigue, it is better, as they say, to play it safe, take a PCR test and seek help in a timely manner. “

The specialist explains that increased unreasonable fatigue occurs against the background of changes in the functioning of the body systems after the penetration of a coronavirus infection into it:

“This is due to serious changes in the immune system, serious changes in the functioning of the brain, in the tissue of the nervous system. The properties of blood change greatly, which impairs the blood supply to many organs, so we feel physically weak. All this together manifests itself in a weakened muscle tone, a suppressed emotional background. This is because the entire body is in a state of inflammation. “

Unben Pillay, a South African physician, reported on December 1 that patients with the new Omicron strain present with fever, dry cough, and night sweats. But while the disease manifests itself in a mild form, it is too early to talk about massive characteristic symptoms.

To date, 79 confirmed infections with a new strain of coronavirus Omicron in Europe… However, so far not a single case of a severe course has been recorded, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The first case of the strain-Omicron was detected on Greek Crete… The carrier turned out to be Greekreturning from South Africa.

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