The European Union is moving towards compulsory vaccination

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Union should discuss the introduction of mandatory vaccination against the backdrop of the rapid spread of coronavirus and the emergence of a new strain of Omicron.

She drew attention to the fact that today 150 million EU residents are not vaccinated, which is unforgivable:

“With the exception of very young children or people with poor health, the vast majority of the population can be vaccinated. So I think it would be understandable and normal to have such a discussion about how to speed up vaccination and perhaps make it mandatory, it needs a common approach. but I think it is necessary to have a discussion. “

Ms von der Leyen noted that each EU Member State has the right to make such a decision and announced that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine will be available for the children’s age group from 13 December.

The first country to decide to introduce compulsory vaccination was Austria. The corresponding law is under discussion and approval. The start date of this measure is February 1st.

By the end of 2021, a similar document will be submitted to the German parliament, as announced by the future chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, on the eve. The authorities and leaders of the federal states have agreed to accelerate the vaccination campaign.

Dan Staner, Moderna Vice President for Europe and the Middle East and Africa Dan Staner said:

“The time to vaccinate has already come, the new strain is causing concern, the WHO says this, scientists all over the world say this, this is the last moment. Today, vaccination is perhaps the only weapon or therapeutic arsenal that we have at our disposal. I advise you to get a booster vaccine. to guarantee the highest degree of immune protection. “

The European Commission informs that for full information on the new strain of coronavirus Omicron scientists will need at least 2-3 weeks. The spike protein is a tool that helps the virus to enter the cell. The coronavirus vaccines currently in use are formulated to detect it. This strain has 32 mutations in the thorns. That is, to the immune system, it looks differently and attacks differently. A virologist at Imperial College called the mutation combination “terrifying.”

WHO has named a new strain of coronavirus B.1.1.529, which has been identified in South Africa, Greek letter omicron… The organization’s experts included him in the group of options of concern, citing the evidence presented. Strains belonging to this group are characterized by an increased transmission rate and an increase in virulence or a change in the clinical manifestations of the disease.

All over the world, governments urge elderly citizens not to play with danger, weigh the pros and cons, and make a decision that is important not only for themselves, but for the whole society. Against the background of the statement Prime Minister of Greece on compulsory vaccination in the 60+ age group, the number of vaccination appointments has tripled. As of 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 30, 6,000 applications were made by persons over 60, although in the last 10 days this figure did not exceed 2,600 per day.

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